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Introduction of the Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Sébastien Pelletier


Board of Directors:

Mathieu St-Gelais, Vice President

Rémy Martineau, Vice President

Pierre St-Michel, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer


Introduction of the officers

Sébastien Pelletier, Chairman, General Manager

Mathieu St-Gelais, Vice President – Construction  |  General Manager – Metropolitan Area

Vincent Croteau, CPA, CMA, Vice President – Finances

Rémy Martineau, Director – Electricity

René Lauzé, Director – Plumbing / Heating

François Bouchard, Director – Ventilation / Air Conditioning  |  Director – Estimation

Marie-Jo Ouellet, Director  – Medical Gases

Yves Deschênes, Director – Refrigeration / Director– Service

Pierre St-Michel, CPA, CA, Controller

Gina Audet, Executive Director and quality control