Company Overview

Founded in Québec City in 1984, TBC has more than 500 employees specialized in electromechanics for buildings. For over 30 years, the company has distinguished itself from the competition thanks to its large-scale innovative industrial, commercial and institutional projects. Today, it is the leader in its field.

Certified ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) and ranked as the 6th largest contractors in Québec in 2016, TBC develops well-thought-out strategies for every project we take on. Our solutions are backed by our high-calibre teams, which use their long-standing knowledge, management methods and ahead-of-the-curve technologies to successfully delivery any project. We are bright from the inside out. And we are stoked by your projects and success.

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Mission and vision

Our mission: To use our increasingly recognized, innovative expertise to overcome the challenges of modern construction by investing in the continuous improvement of our services; and by leveraging the flexibility of our organization.

Our vision: To be the reference in each of our fields of expertise and differentiate our compay through a multidisciplinary approach.

Philosophy and values

Our values correspond to the principles that guide our actions:

  • Health and safety
  • Our people
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity


TBC is certified ISO 9001, which attests to how effectively we meet the quality standards in each field of expertise. We also meet the requirements of relevant associations and governing bodies. To learn more about the roles of the associations and governing bodies, we invite you to visit their websites:

  • ACQ (Construction Association of Québec)
  • ACRGTQ (Association des constructeurs de routes et grands travaux du Québec)
  • AECQ (Association of Building Contractors of Québec)
  • ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers)
  • BSDQ (Bid Depository of Québec)
  • CEGQ (Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec)
  • CMEQ (Corporation of Master Electricians of Québec)
  • CMMTQ (Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Québec)
  • ESA (Electrical Safety Authority).
  • IDU (Institut de développement urbain du Québec)
  • RBQ (Building Board of Québec)
  • ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization)


13e rang, parmi « les 100 plus grands entrepreneurs (employeurs) au Québec »

Champions de la construction commerciale et industrielle- Volume 10, numéro 1 – Été 2020

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15e créateur d’emplois en 2015

Champions de la construction commerciale et industrielle- Volume 6, numéro 1 – Été 2016

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403e plus grande société québécoise

Parmi « Le palmarès des 500 plus grandes entreprises du Québec – Les Affaires – Mai 2020 »

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